Our mission is to deliver value by carrying out our activities in an environmentally, socially and financially responsible manner for the benefit of the nation, the communities where we operate, our employees, customers and other stakeholders.

Our vision is to be a leading Filipino company engaged in the mining of metals and related businesses.
We believe that our key strengths include the following:

    Significant resources and reserves with high expansion visibility
    Flexible ore supply to serve our customer base
    Efficient operations maximizing production
    Experienced management and technical team
    Use of large and well-established contractors
    Clear expansion roadmap

    Develop and upgrade existing resources and reserves within, and adjacent to, our existing mine site
    Strengthen our customer base in China and Australia, including direct sales to smelters in China
    Selectively acquire or enter into operating agreements or joint ventures
    Diversify into other minerals, such as chromite

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