Global Ferronickel Holdings, Inc. (FNI), formerly Southeast Asia Cement Holdings, Inc. (CMT), was established on May 3, 1994 as a holding company. As a holding company, CMT held 1,548,614,753 common shares of industrial material manufacturer Lafarge Republic, Inc., which was subsequently sold in separate transactions in 2013. The Securities and Exchange Commission approved the Company’s change in name to the present one on December 22, 2014. On June 7, 2013, the Company’s shareholders, Calumboyan Holdings, Inc. (CHI), Lafarge Holdings (Philippines), Inc. (LHPI) and Seacem Silos, Inc. (SSI) signed a sale and purchase agreement with IHoldings, Inc., Januarius Resources Realty Corp., and Kwantlen Development Corp. (collectively IHoldings Group) for the sale of CHIs, LHPI’s and SSI’s respective shares of stock representing 89.87% of the Company to the IHoldings Group. CHI, LHPI and SSI further sold all of their shareholdings within the same month, causing IHoldings Group to become the new principal shareholder of CMT. In July 2014, the IHoldings Group sold its entire stake in FNI to several companies and stockholders, which intend to inject their nickel mining operations into the Company.
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